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Home Improvement Loan

ACLEDA Bank would like to introduce a bank product — Home Improvement Loan — to you so that you can use for renovating your house that would allow you and your family to live comfortably in prosperity.


  • Getting long-term loan and low interest rate
  • Owning a nice home to live happily with your family

Currency and Loan Period

  • Home Improvement Loan is provided in USD or KHR
  • Loan period is up to 6 years and will not exceed your retirement age or over 60 years of age (until the end of loan repayment)

Loan Size

  • Loan size is up to 67% of disposable income or up to 50% of salary but not greater than 80% of the estimated value of liquid assets that are used as collateral
  • ACLEDA Bank offers Home Improvement Loan up to KHR600,000,000 or USD150,000.

Interest Rate

ACLEDA Bank offers fixed interest rate for 6 years with a reasonable rate.

Customer Requirements

  • Any Cambodian who is a majority
  • Having a proper work, salary, or any sufficient income that warrants the ability to pay back
  • Having good history, reputation, attitude and willing to pay back to ACLEDA Bank
  • Having a permanent address which is certified by local authority
  • Ensuring to provide sufficient and timely information
  • The renovated home must be located in ACLEDA Bank's operation areas
  • Not willing to change residential address to another location outside ACLEDA Bank's operation areas until the loan is paid off


Any comment or inquiry?
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For complaint purpose
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